Key Personnel

TerraTech Engineers, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality services available. To this end, we hire highly qualified individuals that each have the goal of making certain that our evaluations are made with accurate, timely data.

Key Personnel

Information on the background of several of our key personnel is provided below:

Erwin Williams III, P.E.
• BS in Civil Engineering and Masters in Civil Engineering, NC State University
• Registered Engineer, NC, SC, VA, GA
• NC Licensed Home Inspector

Since 1983, Erwin has been performing engineering evaluations on a wide variety of projects. His expertise includes geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, and materials engineering. His experience includes foundation evaluations; settlement and slope stability analyses; environmental assessments; and construction materials engineering. Erwin has consulted on over 6,000 projects, from small residential and commercial structures to multi-story buildings, large retail and industrial facilities, and infrastructure projects.

Glen Malpass, PhD, P.E.
• BS, MS, and PhD, Civil Engineering, NC State University
• Registered Engineer, NC

Since 1991, Glen has been providing engineering analyses associated with varying types of construction. He has extensive experience in evaluation and testing of asphalt pavement materials, including preparation of course materials and teaching classes for NCDOT on SuperPave mix design. He has performed numerous subsurface investigations for office buildings and retail facilities, foundation and settlement analyses, environmental assessments, and underground storage tank consulting.

Chris Pilz, P.E.
• BS, Civil Engineering, NC State University
• Registered Engineer, NC

Chris has been providing engineering services at TerraTech since 2003. His experience includes providing engineering and environmental consulting services for retail, industrial, residential and commercial projects. Chris has performed design of reinforced concrete retaining walls, design of segmental block retaining walls, evaluation of reinforced earth and tie-back retaining systems, evaluation of shallow and deep foundations, and evaluation of construction materials including concrete, structural steel and asphalt paving.

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